Alumni Weekend and 30th Reunion Dinner

30th reunion dinner. Mike Feinberg ’91, Gideon Alpert ’91, Lance Jacobs ’91, Tom Peck ’92, Andrew Hudson ’92, Brad Wieboldt ’90, Paul Maurer ’90, Froggy “Erik” Cohen ’91, Rob Isaacs ’91, Adam Fine ’91

Over Alumni Weekend, some brothers got together for the 30th reunion, check out what the brothers said about the weekend below:

“Was great seeing all the full range of SAE alums.  Thought there was more energy in the house than I’ve seen in years.  I will be donating for sure.”

“Class of 97 had a strong showing, taking down recent alums and current students at many of the new SAE games.”  

 “So the weekend is finally over and as always, you can always return home to SAE Penn Theta.”

“Started with a fantastic event in NYC on Thursday night (I think about 19 brothers ended up coming, along with 3 of their sons) at The Globe.   Saturday, the highlight was a great time at the SAE house for our afternoon event where we met up with some of the legends of the 25th reunion crew.  Some of us then went on an adventure where it took us almost 2 hours to find a cheese steak in North Philadelphia (not a typo) because it is always good to challenge yourself, versus just going to Ginos/Pats.”

“I have to give major credit to our SAE brothers who are currently at Penn.  In all of the years that I have attended these events, I have never seen so many current brothers so engaged with the alumni.   These brothers were beyond fantastic (we now have about 9 members of the Penn swim team in the house) and they went out of their way to make sure we had a good time, update us on the new events done by the brotherhood, etc.”

“My final pitch!  PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO THE PENN THETA CHAPTER EDUCATION FUND by using this link!/donation/checkout.  Give back to a house that will hopefully always be our home away from home.”

SAE Philadelphia dinner for the alumni weekend. Lance Jacobs ’91, Adam Fine ’91, Froggy “Erik” Cohen ’91, Eric Friedlander ’91, Sasan Mehrara ’94, Rob Isaacs ’91, Gideon Alpert ’91, Frank Fehrenbach ’95, Tom Peck ’92, Harry Fisher ’89, Mike Eckels ’87, Jeff Karp ’88, Brad Wieboldt ’90, Brett Barth ’93, Gus Lipman ’93, Mike Feinberg ’91, Andrew Hudson ’92, Evan Glanz ’94

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